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"A Cassimy Kinda Christmas" Out Now! 

Evrod Cassimy Releases A New Christmas EP 

DETROIT, MI- “A Cassimy Kinda Christmas” Available Everywhere Now 

After the year that we’ve all been through it’s safe to say the holidays can’t come soon enough. That was the inspiration behind TV News Anchor, Evrod Cassimy’s new Christmas EP. “It’s been a hard year for everyone. From racial unrest to my own personal battle with the Coronavirus, I was ready to get back 
in the studio and write songs that bring us all together. Nothing brings people together better than the holidays.” Appropriately titled “A Cassimy Kinda Christmas,” his new EP includes four songs, featuring Christmas classics and original Christmas music from Cassimy himself. “My wife and I are expecting our third child, a girl. I wanted to write Christmas songs that celebrated this exciting moment in my life and captures the true spirit of Christmas. These songs will help get you in the holiday spirit while you put up your Christmas tree and begin your Christmas shopping.” “Xmas Lights” a Cassimy original, premiered exclusively on Detroit radio 98.7 FM The Breeze on Nov. 2 and along with other songs on the EP, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “The First Noel.” They can be heard on Detroit radio throughout the Christmas season. “A Cassimy Kinda Christmas” was released on Nov. 1, 2020 and is available on all digital outlets.

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Evrod Cassimy In The Detroit News 

Evrod Cassimy is featured in The Detroit News

WDIV's Evrod Cassimy to release Christmas EP 

He's on WDIV-TV (Channel 4) every morning before the crack of dawn, and many know that local anchor Evrod Cassimy is also an accomplished singer. 

His latest release is a holiday EP, "A Cassimy Kinda Christmas." It comes out Nov. 1 on Spotify and Apple Music. Listeners can pre-save it now at 

“I have always loved Christmas," said Cassimy, adding that the EP has "something for everyone" including holiday classics and originals. 

"And since releasing my Christmas single, 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,' people have always asked me when I was releasing more Christmas music," he said. "I wrote this Christmas EP to capture the Christmas spirit of parties, opening presents and the true reason for the season.” 

In September Cassimy released the single "Mama," an R&B song about his and his wife's pregnancy journey. The Michigan native contacted and recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year. 

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Evrod Cassimy In Metro Parent Magazine 

Evrod Cassimy shares his family’s experiences with miscarriage in the November issue of Metro Parent Magazine. The long-time morning anchor at WDIV and singer/songwriter talks about the three miscarriages his family went through before conceiving their daughter, who is due next year. Read more here

Evrod Cassimy Opens For Patti LaBelle 

Evrod Cassimy is set to take the stage as the opening act for music legend Patti LaBelle. On Sunday, October 20th at 7:30pm Cassimy will perform with his band songs from his debut album and upcoming album. Tickets are still available.

Evrod Partners With Cass Tech H.S. 

Evrod Cassimy Partners With Cass Tech H.S. To Showcase Student’s Talents

TV News Anchor, Evrod Cassimy, has partnered with the students of Cass Tech High School in Detroit for a night of news and music. 

The program is called NEWZIC: A Cass Tech Fundraiser and will be held on November 15th from 6-8:30pm at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, MI. It will highlight the talents of Cass Tech students while raising money for the school’s fine arts program. It will showcase the different areas of fine arts at Cass Tech including choir, dance, orchestra and band performed by current Cass Tech students. Evrod Cassimy will also be performing songs from his debut album, Newzic, along with new songs from his upcoming album. The program will also feature talent from other local artists. 

Cass Tech is known across Metro Detroit as one of the best schools in the area. Located in Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood, its slogan “Cass Tech #1, Second To None” defines the excellence demanded of the students. The school’s staff is proud of its 97% graduation rate. Cass Tech’s mission is to educate and empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit. 

Under the leadership of Principal Lisa Phillips, the school’s vision is that all students will have the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to thrive in our city, our nation and our world. 

“In addition to academics and athletics, community partnerships play an intricate role in the success of any school,” said Phillips. “I am truly honored to have an opportunity to collaborate with our Cass Tech Alumni and the phenomenal Evrod Cassimy! Our performing arts department staff and students will benefit greatly from this initiative through master dance classes, advanced music programs, specialized acting classes, scholastic art classes, jewelry design classes, etc. We are excited and ready to take our fine and performing arts program to another level.” 

Evrod Cassimy is the morning anchor at WDIV Local 4 News and can be seen on television Monday through Friday from 4:30-7am and again at noon. He has an honorary Cass Tech diploma and believes in the vision of the school and students. Evrod partnered with the school in efforts to raise funds for the school to inspire the students and support the school’s fine arts program. 

Tickets are $20 for general admission and are 100% tax deductible. They can be purchased online by clicking the photo below. All proceeds will go to the Cass Tech Alumni Foundation to provide continuous support in all of Cass Tech’s endeavors in fine arts. 

Evrod In Seen Magazine 

Evrod Cassimy is featured in the July publication of SEEN Magazine, sharing his back story about writing music and singing at a young age and what ultimately forced him to have to silence his voice.



Local 4 News Anchor Evrod Cassimy Shares His Musical Side 

WDIV-TV anchor Evrod Cassimy released the R&B album, “Newzic,” last year. He tells SEEN why he’s had to hide his musical talents most of his career, but is now busting out the jams. 

Some may find it hard to imagine their local morning news anchor dropping an R&B album, but that’s what Detroit’s WDIV Local 4 anchor Evrod Cassimy did. 

There are two things Evrod Cassimy says he’s been passionate about most of his life: writing stories and singing. These passions led him to pursue a career in journalism and, in November, release his debut R&B album, “Newzic.” 

“I remember as a kid writing my own book,” Cassimy says. “It wasn’t published or anything, but I literally handcrafted the cover out of old boxes, printer paper and laminate. It was called ‘Mike Jones Runs for Class President.’ My mom still has it today and shows it off to friends as if her son wrote a New York Times No. 1 bestseller.” 

Cassimy has also been singing his entire life. “I started at age 3,” he says. “My parents kept the photo of my first solo (in church) on the fireplace mantle throughout my childhood years.” As he grew up, he continued singing in church and won various local awards. 

Raised outside of Chicago, Cassimy attended Columbia College Chicago to study television broadcast journalism. He began his career in 2006 in Grand Junction, Colorado, where he met his wife, Danielle. 

At 18 years old, he met a producer who invited him to write and record music in a studio. “That led to a four-song EP that I was very proud of. It was on iTunes and even got significant radio air play in the first few markets I worked in as a news reporter.” 

Courtesy Evrod Cassimy 

Most people didn’t know about the EP, Cassimy says, because his journalism career forced him to hide his musical background. 

“There came a point in my career where I was told I couldn’t sing anymore,” he says. “I had just accepted a job as an anchor. My wife and I were engaged to be married in one month. We sold everything to move to this new city, including one of our two cars. It was an eight-hour drive from city A to city B. Six hours in I got a call from the boss where they asked about my R&B music career.” 

The station told Cassimy it wouldn’t have offered him the job had they known about his musical background, he says. “I was shocked, scared, dumbfounded,” he explains. “They called back an hour later to say they would go through with the TV news contract, but I could never sing again.” 

Not only was Cassimy restricted from making new music, he says, but he couldn’t acknowledge he had ever made music. “And boy did people ask,” he says, “but I went along with the lie. Why? Because I really wanted the job.” 

In 2013, Cassimy joined WDIV-TV and now anchors the station’s morning show, “Local 4 News Today.” 

When he began working at WDIV, Cassimy says the attitude toward his musical side shifted. “I was invited to sing at the Local 4 Christmas party and later during the live broadcast of the Ford Fireworks,” he says. “ It was completely the opposite of what I’d experienced in previous markets.” 

He took these opportunities, he says, despite being nervous due to his past experiences. “I was tired of being prevented from doing what I love — writing and recording music — for so long,” he says. “I loved Detroit so much and was inspired by the history of Motown.” 

After his performance at the Ford Fireworks, Cassimy says people began asking him where they could buy his music. 

“I didn’t have any!” Cassimy says. “I found my way back in the studio and recorded my first single, a Christmas song, that got played on every radio station in Detroit. That led to a second, third, fourth and fifth single.” 

He says fans started asking for him to create an album. In November 2018, they got their wish: Cassimy released his debut album after creating his own record label, Everything Evrod Entertainment. “I wrote about what I call ‘the story of my life,’m” he says. My ‘breaking  news’ if you will,  all set to music. News and music essentially is what the album was. I called it ‘Newzic.’ ” 

One of Cassimy’s favorite songs from the album, he says, is “Mixed.” “It’s a song about my two biracial kids and real-life situations as they are learning about who they are and how the world sees them,” he says. “They’re even featured on the album.” 

Cassimy says his father, wife and brother are the only ones he shares the true meaning behind all his songs with. “They give me their real feedback,” he says. 

He adds he’s found a lot of support in Detroit as well. “Detroit’s own Queen of the Blues, Thornetta Davis, heard my story and told me never to stop singing,” Cassimy says. “She was one of the first people in Detroit that I shared my story with.” 

WDIV also supported him. “It’s incredible to feel support from the station when I felt the opposite elsewhere,” Cassimy says. 

In terms of balancing it all, Cassimy admits he doesn’t always have it all together. “I’m completely unbalanced when it comes to my personal versus professional life, but I’m happy,” he says. “Happiness is important, and if it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t do it.” 

He explains that he sees his careers in news and music as closely related. “In news, I write stories about other people in the community,” he says. “In music, I write stories through songs about myself or people I know.” 

Writing is therapeutic, Cassimy adds. “It allows me to get my thoughts and emotions out.” Cassimy says writing about personal things can at times put him in a vulnerable position. “You hope people enjoy listening because the songs really, truly mean something to you.” 

Cassimy’s album “Newzic” is available to stream on Spotify, SoundCloud and other music platforms.


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