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Evrod Cassimy's debut album was recently featured in the latest edition of the Michigan Chronicle newspaper. Read more below!


Evrod Cassimy Is Newzic

You may be familiar with the name Evrod Cassimy from tuning into WDIV in the morning for your local news, but do you know that this full-time anchor is also a full-time musician and the journey to his debut album is an exciting ride. 

Cassimy is a husband, father of two beautiful children, media professional and officially a self-proclaimed Detroiter, but the other side of Cassimy is the musician. However, according to him, there is no “other side” they are one and the same. “I don’t feel like it is another side; I feel like this (music) has always been a part of me.” Said, Cassimy. 

However, the artistic/musician side of Cassimy had to be suppressed at one time for him to pursue his media career. “We put everything that we own in the back of this car we drove to this new city where we had just signed on a lease for this new apartment, and it was an eight-hour drive to the new city. Six hours in I get a phone call from the new boss, saying, What is this about an R&B music career? Cassimy continued, “I told him I like writing music, and I’ve been performing since I was a kid and he said, oh no we can’t go through with this, we can’t hire you. However, I just quit my job, and I was getting married in eight months. What was I supposed to do?” Said, Cassimy 

Thankfully, Cassimy’s new boss came with a compromise, Cassimy had to forget that he ever did R&B. “They told me to get rid of everything and if anybody in this new town asks if you sing, tell them no, we don’t want anybody knowing any of this about you. So I said “OK.” You know as a young person not understanding much about life, all I knew was that I wanted to write stories and this job was giving me the opportunity to write stories. But it was a hard choice; I don’t know if you have anything outside of what you do now that you love to do and that’s just your passion, to have somebody take that away from you- it’s like taking away a part of you.” Said, Cassimy 

More like soul-wrenching, especially because there was already documented music by Cassimy on youtube from his EP. However, there was a ram in the artistic bush coming. Fast-forward several years later to Detroit and Cassimy is the same position again with the choice of coming forward with his passion for singing and R&B, however, he had learned from past mistakes and declined on ever singing, however, Motown was much different to his surprise. 

“I remember being asked to perform at the Local 4 Christmas party. I was told that my boss wanted me to perform. So I said let me just see what happens. I sang a Christmas song and I remember before I told everyone to put their phones down, no filming, this is not for social media. My bosses loved it. And then they asked me to sing at the fireworks and I was like for real? And that’s when I sang for the first time in front of everybody in metro Detroit.” 

10 years later now it’s time for Newsic 

“I had a lot of stories to tell from the past ten years, so I went and wrote all of what had happened to me in the past two years and put it in the album. News and music it’s the story of my life, so I came up with the word “Newzic” Cassimy, continued. “This album is for anybody that has ever had a dream and has wanted to go after their goal. This is an album that encourages people not to give up. There are songs in there about wanting to give up and songs about my relationship with my parents that are very emotional. There’s a song about my wife on there it’s called ‘Green Eyes’ along with a song called ‘Mixed’, that featured my boys. 

A Dream delayed is not a dream denied. 

“I want people to hear my story and to understand that these songs come from a person who was forced to give up their dream. It was just to write music and put out music for people to enjoy. My story shows that if someone says you can’t do something, never give up on your dream, just find a different way because timing is everything.” Cassimy continued. “I think releasing an album here in Detroit and getting so much support from viewers, from listeners, from fans that allowed me to see that timing is perfect.” 

‘Newzic’ is available on all music platforms. For more information visit www. EvrodCassimy.com

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